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A Crack in The Foundation

brick-crackI knew something bad was coming, when I first saw the hairline crack in my foundation. It started very small on the north wall. I wasn’t too concerned because it was a very small issue. After reading online, I decided to go to my local hardware store to find some help. They were very helpful and suggested to me that I apply an epoxy-like solution to the crack. I spent less than $20 and was out the door in less than 15 minutes.

After I got home, I read over all the directions. It didn’t seem to hard. I only had to mix a few tubes together, apply the solution and let it dry. I followed the directions exactly, and went about my day. The problem was out of sight and out of mind.

Flash forward 18 months later, and my trip to the hardware store seemed futile. The epoxy, didn’t prevent my foundation from settling and the crack was getting worse. I was starting to see cracks in the exterior bricks. I was panicked.

I searched online and found people recommending all sorts of solutions. Everything from excavating to jacking up my house. The dollar signs were already adding up. I saw several people suggesting a product called a helical pier. I wasn’t familiar with it, but the concept seemed simple enough. They are like piers for decking, but support your house. I was now in search of a reputable foundation repair expert.

I did a google search and came across http://www.piertech.com. They told me they didn’t work directly with homeowners, but sent me a referal in my area. The next day, I called the company they recommended and set up an appointment later in the week.

The technicians that came out were very knowledgable about piers and piles. They told me I would need 6 piers to repair the damage and that installation should only take one day. I was concerned about the price of labor rates, so hearing that it was a one day project was thrilling. We agreed to start the next Monday.

Monday arrived and they went to work bright and early. They started excavation as I was leaving for work. Throughout the day I checked in with my wife who was at home. She didn’t understand what they were doing, but gave me all the details. When I got home in the evening they were putting our landscaping back in. I couldn’t believe how quickly they finished.

That was 9 months ago. Since then I haven’t had any issues. The cracks have closed on the interior and exterior and the work was warrantied for 30 years. I couldn’t be happier.